H.H. Scott SMV300 Vertical 3-CD Stereo System (Silver/Black)

Product Description


Dressed to impress but rich in features and healthy in sound, H.H. Scott’s three-CD SMV300 stereo system is truly unique in not only appearance but construction. The CD changer employs three independent CD drives configured in a vertical array. The fact that the drives operate independently–with separate servo mechanisms and separate lasers–lets it switch between discs quickly, rather than having to first stop playback on the first disc, load a new disc, and then find and play the first track from the next disc, as most carousel changers operate. The system’s stylish, motorized door is designed to slide smoothly open with the press of a button from the remote or from the system’s front panel. Even better, however, is a cool palm sensor that will open the door as soon as it senses your hand moving toward the door. Playback options include repeat (one track, one disc, or all discs), random play, 40-track memory sequencing, and intro scan (which plays the first 10 seconds of each track to help you find the one you want). Drift off to sleep using the handy sleep timer, and/or set the system’s alarm clock to wake you up to your favorite radio station or a motivating CD. Three defeatable preset equalizer settings (rock, pop, and classic) let you tailor the sound to your taste, your program, or your room. A stereo analog (left/right RCA) auxiliary input lets you hook up a second source such as a cassette deck, minidisc player/recorder, or MP3 player, and a choice of stereo analog and digital (Toslink optical) outputs facilitates connection with a CD recorder, MD recorder, or cassette deck. What’s in the Box Main CD player/amplifier unit, 2 speakers, a remote control, a user’s manual, and requisite cabling

Product Description

Vertical three CD player with AM/FM Stereo looks great while it shows off your favorite CDs. Clean lines and a clear cover combine to create a fun, modern unit for any home. Features sensor and infrared controlled motorized doors and a full function infrared remote control. CD player features repeat function (one track, one CD or all three CDs), random play, and skip search. Four function pre-set graphic equalizer includes Jazz, Rock, Classic and Flat. This is one unit you’ll proudly display!

H.H. Scott SMV300 Vertical 3-CD Stereo System (Silver/Black)



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