45X LED Portable Pocket Magnifier Microscope

Are you really looking for a pocket 45X Microscope? Now, you can stop here! We are pleased to offer for sale this 45X LED Portable Pocket Magnifier Microscope for you.This Pocket Magnifier features 45x power and 2 LED lights. This Portable 45X Microscope is perfect for your pocket or purse and is new from our inventory. The 45X LED Microscope is both versatile and easy to use with the ability to magnify objects. With extras like focus stop for slide protection, adjustable tilt and spring clips, this 45X Pocket Magnifier is a fine instrument for most home science work. This 45x mini pocket microscope magnifier has high magnification and discernment that ordinary magnifying glass have not. Bright LED light of the magnifying glass provides enough light at any dim conditions. The Pocket Magnifier is fit for electronic engineers, hobbyists, collectors, scientists and students etc.Do not miss this 45X LED portable pocket magnifier microscope!

45X LED Portable Pocket Magnifier Microscope



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